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is peace a possiblity?
February 18, 2007, 7:10 pm
Filed under: peace shall prevail!

Peace has remained a dream for all mankind. its alarming that human beings have failed to restore peace in this turmoil world. wars, hatred, terrorism, genocides and racism are rampant throughout the world. it seems that doves of peace are dieing, pigeons are injured, hawks have got free licence to kill. peace remains an illusion.

human quest for peace is as old as human intincts for survival. peace has remained key to human survival on this living planet. but i wonder why we have so many wars and conflicts in this world. why human beings hate eachother? why we figh? why we kill eachother?
there can be many causes of this anarchy and hatred throughout the world. the first one is selfishness, every person, nation or region has its own vasted interests which are hindernace for installing peaceful setllements among all rivals at different levels. selfishness is cause of hatred and conflicts. other casue of this division in mankind is lust for power. all human beings have lust for power. kings waged wars, nations strived for imperial glory. its all power which paves way for wars and occupations. as hobbes had told us mankind is in perpetaul war of survival which is based upon human selfishness and lust for power. anarchy is only way out from this perpetaul struggle.

last is intolerance, which has been backbone of current anarchy in world. terrorism, imperialist wars and lack morlity all have roots in our intolerance for others.many say that religions are cause of intolerance but we rule out human psyche which has made religion a mere tool in hands of powerfuls, who exploit differences among masses for their selfish ends. no religion teaches us intolerance for other people, human interpretations have made it intolerant.

but question remains, do human wisdom have power to conquer all these causes which are hindrance in human quest for peace? human wisdom evolved international institutions to harness human instincts of lust and power after catastrophic world wars. but its clear that we have failed. peace still remains a remote possibility. but we should not loose our confidence for betterment of world. hope wars will end and peace will triumph!


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