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War of terror and Muslim problems
February 18, 2007, 7:59 pm
Filed under: peace shall prevail!

its shocking that enocent muslims are being killed, suspected and arrested throughout the world in name of terrorism. its alarming for every muslim that they are victims of terrorism and they are also killed in name of terrorism. muslims are dieing on each side of war of terror. since 9/11 lacs of muslims have lost their lives.
Post 9/11 world has become insecure for muslims,they have been accused of terrorism but facts and figures are telling us some other stories.
its other shocking fact that, muslims are legally terrorized throughout the world. the muslim name is sufficient to terrorize a muslm by words of mass deception, hatred, racism, xenophobia, and islamophobia.people having muslim names, people performing religion of islam in non muslims countries are being tortured psychologically and physically in name of terrorism.
world has become insecure for muslims because they practice islam, while bunch of deviant muslims were part of 9/11 conspiracy. it was inside job or arab plot, no one knows. even there no debate is alloed in american media to logically bringout culprits of 9/11.


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