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Why war against terrorism is failure?
February 18, 2007, 7:34 pm
Filed under: peace shall prevail!

september 9/11 terrorist attacks on american startegic installations like world tarde centre and pentagon were harbinger for current war against terrorism. terrorism is most hated phenomenon of world. this is watershade event in post cold war era, which has transformed world under unilateral control of america.

war against terrorism was started with basic startegy of eradicating terrorism by attacking islamic militants hide outs throughout the world. denying them safe heaven, restraining their finances. after six years of war it seems that its a failure! why all this have happened?

the failure of war against terrorism lies in its basic approach of military solution, no power in history has tackled a politico-social phenomenon with military might. islamic militancy has roots in society which is under previleged, exploited and poor. wars in afghanistan and iraq has provided new recruitment centres for alqaedah.

major blunder of american policy makers is that they have intermingled islam and terrorism with each other, which is a jewish conspiracy under neocons sitting at pentagon. all muslim world has been compromised. 1.3 billion muslims have been labelled as terrorists. muslim way of life which has firm roots in masses has been challenged with american socalled values. muslims consider war against terrorism against islam.

war of terrorism is being fought on notions, this notorious war has claimed many enocent lives throughout the world. but it seems that there is no end to terrorism. everyday we listen about suicide bombings. this war has no any clear objectives. terrorists are non state actors, they don’t have particular geographic location, they are found everywhere in the world. so its impossible to attack all states.

only solution of eradicating terrorism throughout the world lies in just approach, which can’t military solution. there should be just economic world order, uno must be made more powerful, iperialist mindset should be shunned imediately. muslims should not be deprived of their resources and they should be given equalpolitical representation in world forums.


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