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Analysing contours of Palestine-Israel conflict
February 25, 2007, 8:03 am
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Creeping expansion:

Before 1947 there was no israel on land of palestine. world war 2 and socalled hitler’s persecution of jews (including russians and poles) paved way for jewish homeland in middleeast.Secular world leaders thought of giving jews their own country on basis of eligion. thoedore hertzl a famous austerlian zionist was also enthuthiastic of getting jewish home in palestine.By un resolution plaestine was partitioned in two halves, one for european and russian jews. 1948 war was watershed event in expansionist history of israel. many parts of palestine were occupied. arabs frusterated by world conspiracy started a war against jews, it turned to be defeat for arabs. causes of defeat were us and russian, french help to jews, jewish terror organization were wellequiped to face such situations in newly engineered state. arab army was led by colonial generals whose loyalities were with colonialism and it is fact that israel is illegitimate child of british colonialism.

Arab retreat:

In 1956 egypt blocked sea routes of israel, it was defeated by combined armies of britain, france and israel, 1967 war gave more land to jewish state. alquds, golan heights and sinai desert were occupied. its tell of arab retreat, 1973 again arabs defeated by israel.Arabs have faced defeats at hands of israel many times. but its astonishing fact that palestineans have never given up their right on their land. they have been persecuted, killed and homlessness and bombed.
Palestinean struggle for their land is unique struggle of histroy. they have fought israel backed by world powers with their meeagre resources. they have adopted terrorist strategies to win their land. its like haganh and other jewish terror organizations of 1940s. when jews were weak they resorted to terrorism. same is being repeated.Many isreali prime ministers were part of jewish terror organizations. they led terror movements for getting promised land as told in their bogus and lost religious scriptures.

Historical claims:
Jews consider that land of palestine belongs to jews. they were blessed with this land in ancient times. God had given them this land as a prize for sustaining pharoah’s holocaust.
bloody romans and babylonians got them out as they had defeated many other nations of east. many nations of ancient times have been wiped out. there are no baylonians, no assyrians, but jews claim that they preserved their religion in ghettoes of racist mediaval europe.

Current realities:
Red indians were blessed with their land in Americas, but now America is under anglosexons and immigrants from spain, asia, etc.Austeralia does not belong to current people living their, aborgines were natives of america. South africa was inhibited by warior zulus whats problem with jews?


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