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Operation Iranian Freedom
February 25, 2007, 9:45 pm
Filed under: peace shall prevail!

Its happening again! An operation is being planned at pentagon under name “Operation Iranian Freedom” against a tyrant, obviously he is anti-jew, anti american president of Iran Ahmedinejad. As for as media reports tell, operation will consist of heavy bombings of Iranian starategic locations like nuclear sites, defence instalations, while collateral damges can not be ruled out in such operations.

Three american navy ships have started to move in gulf region, American troops are gathering at Iranian border and British have started to pull out its troops from Iraq,The cause of withdrawl is european union’s oil dependence on Iran. British have pledged to increase forces in afghanistan, where NATO is in serious troubles under spring offnesive of Taliban.

CIA is supporting Iranian ethnic groups like sunni Balochs and Kurds inside Iran. Iranian relation with pakistan are becoming tense. Pakistan is playing role of surrogate for americans even though they hate this role.Jundullah a sunni militant group is getting full support of CIA. Jundullah came into lime light during 2002. Iranians blame that this organization operates from Pakistani Balochistan.

OIC Foreign Ministers have met in islamabad, where they have condemned military solution of Iranian problem as usual on paper. They have completed their task as they had previously condemned Iraqi invasion in same way few years ago. Astonishing feature of like minded foreign minsiterail conference at islamabad is that Iranian, Syrian, Palestinean and Lebanese ministers were absent.

If Bush gets green signal from congress for its pre emptive strikes, there will be no hindrance in American bid to destroy Iran. It will have long lasting impacts upon security situtaion in the whole region. Shia populations will become radical and there is threat of complete instablity of muslim world.

It seems that Ahmedinejad’s rhetoric has created problems for Iran. Iranian military technology is no match to american militray prowess. Iranians can put their all eggs in one basket, thats martyrdom ideology. it will hard task for americans to maintain control over region. it is obvious that whole region from afghanistan, iran, iraq, palestine and lebenon turn into guerilla warfare zone. Ahmedinejad has already boasted of 50000 suicide bombers ready to give their lives for their land.

Bush will rely on air strikes agaisnt iran, if cngress dominated by democrats allows him. he will not think of occupation as iraq and afghanistan still seem illusive dreams for bush administration.


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