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Wind mills of God
February 25, 2007, 10:19 pm
Filed under: peace shall prevail!

do poor matter in our lives? why poor are poor? do they work little and are lazy? does government cares about poor? those who believe in God, they put all their successes and failures on miracles and blessings of almighty. i wonder why almighty is so selective in its blessings. why a child can’t get adequate food in rawanda? why enocence was murdered in lebenon war, mutilated bodies of little children were a slap on face of humanity!

this brave world has many things to offer for our understanding of poverty in human societies. thoughout history, poverty has been a bleeding wounded of human civilization. many see negative side of poverty, hunger, sickness, diseases and conflicts. but one truth escapes our eye.

how this world operates? who grows food? who were workforce of revolutions? sansuclottes of france, proletariat of russia and peasants of china all belonged to unprivileged classes of society.

will be continued…………


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