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Wind mills of God
February 25, 2007, 10:19 pm
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do poor matter in our lives? why poor are poor? do they work little and are lazy? does government cares about poor? those who believe in God, they put all their successes and failures on miracles and blessings of almighty. i wonder why almighty is so selective in its blessings. why a child can’t get adequate food in rawanda? why enocence was murdered in lebenon war, mutilated bodies of little children were a slap on face of humanity!

this brave world has many things to offer for our understanding of poverty in human societies. thoughout history, poverty has been a bleeding wounded of human civilization. many see negative side of poverty, hunger, sickness, diseases and conflicts. but one truth escapes our eye.

how this world operates? who grows food? who were workforce of revolutions? sansuclottes of france, proletariat of russia and peasants of china all belonged to unprivileged classes of society.

will be continued…………


Operation Iranian Freedom
February 25, 2007, 9:45 pm
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Its happening again! An operation is being planned at pentagon under name “Operation Iranian Freedom” against a tyrant, obviously he is anti-jew, anti american president of Iran Ahmedinejad. As for as media reports tell, operation will consist of heavy bombings of Iranian starategic locations like nuclear sites, defence instalations, while collateral damges can not be ruled out in such operations.

Three american navy ships have started to move in gulf region, American troops are gathering at Iranian border and British have started to pull out its troops from Iraq,The cause of withdrawl is european union’s oil dependence on Iran. British have pledged to increase forces in afghanistan, where NATO is in serious troubles under spring offnesive of Taliban.

CIA is supporting Iranian ethnic groups like sunni Balochs and Kurds inside Iran. Iranian relation with pakistan are becoming tense. Pakistan is playing role of surrogate for americans even though they hate this role.Jundullah a sunni militant group is getting full support of CIA. Jundullah came into lime light during 2002. Iranians blame that this organization operates from Pakistani Balochistan.

OIC Foreign Ministers have met in islamabad, where they have condemned military solution of Iranian problem as usual on paper. They have completed their task as they had previously condemned Iraqi invasion in same way few years ago. Astonishing feature of like minded foreign minsiterail conference at islamabad is that Iranian, Syrian, Palestinean and Lebanese ministers were absent.

If Bush gets green signal from congress for its pre emptive strikes, there will be no hindrance in American bid to destroy Iran. It will have long lasting impacts upon security situtaion in the whole region. Shia populations will become radical and there is threat of complete instablity of muslim world.

It seems that Ahmedinejad’s rhetoric has created problems for Iran. Iranian military technology is no match to american militray prowess. Iranians can put their all eggs in one basket, thats martyrdom ideology. it will hard task for americans to maintain control over region. it is obvious that whole region from afghanistan, iran, iraq, palestine and lebenon turn into guerilla warfare zone. Ahmedinejad has already boasted of 50000 suicide bombers ready to give their lives for their land.

Bush will rely on air strikes agaisnt iran, if cngress dominated by democrats allows him. he will not think of occupation as iraq and afghanistan still seem illusive dreams for bush administration.

Analysing contours of Palestine-Israel conflict
February 25, 2007, 8:03 am
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Creeping expansion:

Before 1947 there was no israel on land of palestine. world war 2 and socalled hitler’s persecution of jews (including russians and poles) paved way for jewish homeland in middleeast.Secular world leaders thought of giving jews their own country on basis of eligion. thoedore hertzl a famous austerlian zionist was also enthuthiastic of getting jewish home in palestine.By un resolution plaestine was partitioned in two halves, one for european and russian jews. 1948 war was watershed event in expansionist history of israel. many parts of palestine were occupied. arabs frusterated by world conspiracy started a war against jews, it turned to be defeat for arabs. causes of defeat were us and russian, french help to jews, jewish terror organization were wellequiped to face such situations in newly engineered state. arab army was led by colonial generals whose loyalities were with colonialism and it is fact that israel is illegitimate child of british colonialism.

Arab retreat:

In 1956 egypt blocked sea routes of israel, it was defeated by combined armies of britain, france and israel, 1967 war gave more land to jewish state. alquds, golan heights and sinai desert were occupied. its tell of arab retreat, 1973 again arabs defeated by israel.Arabs have faced defeats at hands of israel many times. but its astonishing fact that palestineans have never given up their right on their land. they have been persecuted, killed and homlessness and bombed.
Palestinean struggle for their land is unique struggle of histroy. they have fought israel backed by world powers with their meeagre resources. they have adopted terrorist strategies to win their land. its like haganh and other jewish terror organizations of 1940s. when jews were weak they resorted to terrorism. same is being repeated.Many isreali prime ministers were part of jewish terror organizations. they led terror movements for getting promised land as told in their bogus and lost religious scriptures.

Historical claims:
Jews consider that land of palestine belongs to jews. they were blessed with this land in ancient times. God had given them this land as a prize for sustaining pharoah’s holocaust.
bloody romans and babylonians got them out as they had defeated many other nations of east. many nations of ancient times have been wiped out. there are no baylonians, no assyrians, but jews claim that they preserved their religion in ghettoes of racist mediaval europe.

Current realities:
Red indians were blessed with their land in Americas, but now America is under anglosexons and immigrants from spain, asia, etc.Austeralia does not belong to current people living their, aborgines were natives of america. South africa was inhibited by warior zulus whats problem with jews?

War of terror and Muslim problems
February 18, 2007, 7:59 pm
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its shocking that enocent muslims are being killed, suspected and arrested throughout the world in name of terrorism. its alarming for every muslim that they are victims of terrorism and they are also killed in name of terrorism. muslims are dieing on each side of war of terror. since 9/11 lacs of muslims have lost their lives.
Post 9/11 world has become insecure for muslims,they have been accused of terrorism but facts and figures are telling us some other stories.
its other shocking fact that, muslims are legally terrorized throughout the world. the muslim name is sufficient to terrorize a muslm by words of mass deception, hatred, racism, xenophobia, and islamophobia.people having muslim names, people performing religion of islam in non muslims countries are being tortured psychologically and physically in name of terrorism.
world has become insecure for muslims because they practice islam, while bunch of deviant muslims were part of 9/11 conspiracy. it was inside job or arab plot, no one knows. even there no debate is alloed in american media to logically bringout culprits of 9/11.

Why war against terrorism is failure?
February 18, 2007, 7:34 pm
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september 9/11 terrorist attacks on american startegic installations like world tarde centre and pentagon were harbinger for current war against terrorism. terrorism is most hated phenomenon of world. this is watershade event in post cold war era, which has transformed world under unilateral control of america.

war against terrorism was started with basic startegy of eradicating terrorism by attacking islamic militants hide outs throughout the world. denying them safe heaven, restraining their finances. after six years of war it seems that its a failure! why all this have happened?

the failure of war against terrorism lies in its basic approach of military solution, no power in history has tackled a politico-social phenomenon with military might. islamic militancy has roots in society which is under previleged, exploited and poor. wars in afghanistan and iraq has provided new recruitment centres for alqaedah.

major blunder of american policy makers is that they have intermingled islam and terrorism with each other, which is a jewish conspiracy under neocons sitting at pentagon. all muslim world has been compromised. 1.3 billion muslims have been labelled as terrorists. muslim way of life which has firm roots in masses has been challenged with american socalled values. muslims consider war against terrorism against islam.

war of terrorism is being fought on notions, this notorious war has claimed many enocent lives throughout the world. but it seems that there is no end to terrorism. everyday we listen about suicide bombings. this war has no any clear objectives. terrorists are non state actors, they don’t have particular geographic location, they are found everywhere in the world. so its impossible to attack all states.

only solution of eradicating terrorism throughout the world lies in just approach, which can’t military solution. there should be just economic world order, uno must be made more powerful, iperialist mindset should be shunned imediately. muslims should not be deprived of their resources and they should be given equalpolitical representation in world forums.

is peace a possiblity?
February 18, 2007, 7:10 pm
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Peace has remained a dream for all mankind. its alarming that human beings have failed to restore peace in this turmoil world. wars, hatred, terrorism, genocides and racism are rampant throughout the world. it seems that doves of peace are dieing, pigeons are injured, hawks have got free licence to kill. peace remains an illusion.

human quest for peace is as old as human intincts for survival. peace has remained key to human survival on this living planet. but i wonder why we have so many wars and conflicts in this world. why human beings hate eachother? why we figh? why we kill eachother?
there can be many causes of this anarchy and hatred throughout the world. the first one is selfishness, every person, nation or region has its own vasted interests which are hindernace for installing peaceful setllements among all rivals at different levels. selfishness is cause of hatred and conflicts. other casue of this division in mankind is lust for power. all human beings have lust for power. kings waged wars, nations strived for imperial glory. its all power which paves way for wars and occupations. as hobbes had told us mankind is in perpetaul war of survival which is based upon human selfishness and lust for power. anarchy is only way out from this perpetaul struggle.

last is intolerance, which has been backbone of current anarchy in world. terrorism, imperialist wars and lack morlity all have roots in our intolerance for others.many say that religions are cause of intolerance but we rule out human psyche which has made religion a mere tool in hands of powerfuls, who exploit differences among masses for their selfish ends. no religion teaches us intolerance for other people, human interpretations have made it intolerant.

but question remains, do human wisdom have power to conquer all these causes which are hindrance in human quest for peace? human wisdom evolved international institutions to harness human instincts of lust and power after catastrophic world wars. but its clear that we have failed. peace still remains a remote possibility. but we should not loose our confidence for betterment of world. hope wars will end and peace will triumph!

Hello world!
February 18, 2007, 6:27 pm
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